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Ecm Titanium 1.73 Rar




Mar 12, 2009 8:03 am I heard from an old vendor that I could get it from him for only the cost of shipping. I know it's been a long while since I did a deal with him, but if anyone wants to make a trade, he doesn't have much stock left at this point. If any of you guys are looking for nice top quality ECM diecasts, be sure to look him up and send him a PM. If there's anything you're looking for, let me know and I'll try to hook you up. I always look at this guy's stuff and it's really good quality. Cheers, bd Mar 12, 2009 10:46 am I've seen this diecast before, and remember his name, but I'm not sure if I've actually owned it. Either way, I'm for the trading this guy up, cause he's pretty cheap, and the stuff he does is worth the price.Ambra, the daughter of a scorned lover, sacrifices herself to save her brother. Her spirit joins the Annihilator. The Annihilator is a romantic comedy from Korea with a sci-fi spin, and the action is nonstop. Ambra is the daughter of a disgraced lover who must sacrifice herself to save her brother. At first, Ambra appears to be a mortal like everyone else, but it turns out she is a demon who has come to collect the dead souls of fallen angels. When she loses a brother to a car bomb, she turns into a demon and returns to collect the soul of another brother. To save him from her, her brother sends her back to her lover. She is then saved from a life of drudgery and redemption in a convent when a mysterious warrior in space suits visits her and offers to marry her. They explore the stars together. Connie is a Catholic nun who sets up a hotel for young women, including Ambra, and teaches them the faith. After Ambra makes a miraculous prayer, she is spared from the convent, and she and Connie make friends. Ambra is attracted to the handsome monk who holds Connie captive. The monk is being attacked by a dragon, and Connie and Ambra must defend him. The Annihilator is an exotic, fast-paced film that kept my attention. It has a strong heroine and a good story. The action is nonstop and colorful. This movie is fun to



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Ecm Titanium 1.73 Rar
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