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Acupuncture facial and microneedling treatment

Age gracefully and improve your skin with microneedling treatments. 


 Microneedling is a facial treatment that induces collagen and elastin production in targeted areas.  Micro needles are used to puncture the skin and produce a healing response that regenerates new skin cells. During the skin healing time, collagen and elastin production are triggered to give the skin an immediate plumping effect. At Balanced Stone Acupuncture, we bring the skill of advanced needling techniques and high quality electric microneedling devices to our microneedling offerings with master control of the depth and intensity of treatment to maximize results. Our microneedling treatments include a stem cell and hyaluronic acid serum and a constitutional acupuncture treatment to promote whole body wellness. We also offer microneedling for certain types of hair loss. Treatments can be enhanced with customized TCM serums. Through harnessing the power of ancient wisdom and cutting-edge technology, our treatment goes beyond conventional microneedling. We are the premier provider of holistic microneedling in Lakewood. 

Benefits of Microneedling

  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines

  • Improve the texture and quality of your skin

  • Exfoliate to increase collagen and elastin production

  • Even out tone and reduce hyperpigmentation

  • Address acne, scarring, and blackheads

  • Achieve benefits immediately and reach skin goals in as few as 4-6 treatments

  • Minimal downtime. Redness fades over 12-24 hrs post session

What to Expect

  • Please arrive at your appointment with clean skin

  • Numbing cream will be applied to reduce discomfort 

  • Customized serums with stem cells, hyaluronic acid, vitamins, and minerals are applied to face and/or neck. Enhanced herbal medicinal serums are optional and a great way to enhance effects in target areas such as under eye and neck. 

  • Following treatment hydrating aloe face mask is applied. 

  • Microneedling may cause bleeding. It is advised to refrain from caffeine, alcohol, tobacco and high sugar/salty foods 24-48 hours before treatment to avoid bruising.

  • Skin will appear pink, as in a sunburn immediately following treatment that will fade over 12-24 hrs. Avoid direct sun exposure during that time. 

  • Your acupuncturist will provide treatment plan recommendations for skin care and microneedling frequency at your first session. Packages are available. 


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