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Virtual appointments for herbal medicine are available upon request

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Free Consultation 

A  free 15 minute phone consultation to see how Balanced Stone Acupuncture and Wellness can help you and have your questions answered. 

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Initial Treatment

Initial Visit includes extensive interview and review of medical history as well as your first acupuncture treatment and herbal medicine consultation. *Does not include the cost of herbs

Acupuncturist Amy Malone performing assessment on acupuncture patient in lakewood clinic
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Follow Up Treatment

For returning patients. Visits will last 45-60 minutes and include acupuncture, herbal medicine consultation and other modalities as selected by the acupuncturist. *Does not include the cost of herbs

Cosmetic Acupuncture

For returning patients. A specific series of acupuncture treatments that rejuvenate the face, improve skin tone, reduce fine lines, and enhance moisture retention. Requires initial consultation for evaluation. Enhanced services with custom serums, facial cupping and gua sha are available with Luna. 

Acupuncturist Amy Malone does cupping on a patient in her lakewood clinic
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Cupping and Gua Sha 

For returning patients. 20 minute visits include cupping and gua sha as determined by the acupuncturist. Practitioner reserves the right to decline based on patient's condition. 

Herbal Medicine Consultation 

For returning patients only. Visit will be 30 minutes or less. For herbal medicine refills or new herbs for new symptoms. 

Balanced Stone Herbs facial steam herbs and tinctures on display in lakewood colorado acupunture clinic
If you are looking for acupuncture in Lakewood, Golden, or the West Metro Denver area, please feel free to reach out or book a free 15 minute consult for more information.
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