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The Power of Pumpkin - A Fertility Superfood

woman holding a pumpkin covering her face

Pumpkin is popular...if you haven't been barraged by all things pumpkin yet, it's coming your way soon. But here's the thing...there's some merit to all the praise pumpkin gets... it's delicious and has tons of beneficial nutritional properties. Let's consider pumpkin a fertility superfood.

Let's work from the outside in. First, the skin. In TCM orange and yellow foods belong to the earth and so they support healthy digestive energy. Due to their color, pumpkin skins, like the flesh, help support the spleen and stomach. They contain essential nutrients like selenium, magnesium, and zinc. Selenium is essential to thyroid function, which has a direct impact on ovulation, menstrual cycle regularity, and ultimately conception. In TCM abundant spleen qi and digestive power improves nutrient absorption which is essential to a healthy foundation for conception. But how do you use pumpkin skin? My favorite way is to add the skins when I am making bone broth or veggie stock, but if you are roasting a thin skin pumpkin, you can add a little salt and olive oil and eat them as is. You can also bake them into pumpkin chips and season with salt and garlic.

Now, onto the flesh. The delightful sweet orange fruit we associate with fall and pie. The flesh of the pumpkin, like the rind, benefits digestion and supports healthy spleen qi. They are warming, nourishing, and grounding. A part of pre-conception care is strengthening the spleen qi and nourishing digestion to ensure nutrient absorption for creating a robust and harmonious internal environment. If the spleen is weak it can hinder menstrual cycle regulation, ovulatory consistency, and digestion. The warming nature of pumpkin helps boost digestive fire and increase internal warmth which is needed for conception. They are considered sweet in flavor, the flavor associated with the earth, rooting, and nesting. From a western perspective, pumpkin is high in antioxidants, fiber, and minerals. This makes them great to help prevent anemia, support healthy blood pressure, and improve digestive and reproductive health.

Lastly, the seeds. These may be the most important part in terms of fertility. They are loaded with zinc which is an essential nutrient supporting ovulation, sperm volume and quality. In TCM the raw seeds help to drain dampness (excess mucous or fluids) and expel parasites. Used in seed cycling, eating pumpkin seeds during the follicular phase of your cycle helps promote adequate estrogen clearance and production. If you're interested in more about how seed cycling can help with fertility, you can read more here.

So while you're out this fall enjoying all things pumpkin spice....make sure you get some actual pumpkin in your life!

I'm Amy! I'm an acupuncturist, herbalist, registered nurse, and expert in women's health, anxiety, and stress relief.

If you are looking for acupuncture, herbal medicine, or cupping in Denver, Lakewood, or Golden Colorado, get more info here.

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