Balanced Stone Herbs: Take a look at the tinctures and salves made at Balanced Stone

Updated: Oct 21, 2018

In the course of my herbal studies, physically connecting with plants that are used for medicine became very important to me. This connection started with customizing raw herbal formulas while practicing in the student clinic. I found that I wanted an even stronger connection to plant based medicine making. In addition to prescribing patent formulas, custom powder and raw formulas, I found I wanted to explore the creation of proprietary tinctures and topicals for my clinic. The entire line of tinctures and salves are hand crafted using lab tested and organic products as often as possible. All beeswax used in the salves is ethically sourced. The tinctures and salves are quick and effective and are great alone or in combination with other forms of Chinese Herbal Medicine. Here are the current products I make and provide through the clinic. If you're interested, please schedule an appointment or contact me directly to try them out!


o Anti-inflammatory Muscle Rub: