How to Cool Down the Summer Heat

So sometimes in the summer, you feel puffy, or heavy, or swollen. Or maybe you get a bit of a headache with dizziness. Why does that happen? In Chinese medicine, summer heat invasion occurs when the hot exterior temperature affects your internal environment. When it's hot and also humid, the condition presents as summer heat and dampness.

The idea here is that there is a physiologic impact when the outside environment makes it difficult for your internal systems to calibrate and remain in balance. When it is hot out, that impact is called summer heat or summer heat and dampness. Your physiology responds to the stress of hot internal temperatures by trying to cool down and re-regulate which results in the manifestation of some undesirable summer symptoms.

You may feel dizzy, heavy, have fullness in your chest, feel swollen, get a headache or even nausea. Your body can feel too warm and your face might get red, and the sweat....there's usually profuse sweating. Of course, if these symptoms become more severe and there is concern about heatstroke, you should contact your physician. But if on the mild side, there are some great ways to help yourself feel better and also ways to help prevent this feeling to begin with...because let's face it....none of those symptoms sound pleasant...especially in the summer!

Here are some foods and drinks that can help treat or prevent summer heat from knocking you out of balance: